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‘Heaven on Earth’: Pics of train running through Jammu and Kashmir appear like Swiss Alps

Kolkata, January 19, 2023, News Hungama

Railway Ministery has posted several pictures of snow-clad railway stations and trains surrounded by scenic Himalayan mountains leaving the internet mesmerized by the view.

“Heaven on Earth” was a common response by netizens as they applauded the beauty of nature and compared the visuals to that of the Swiss Alps as the backdrop of train and snow-capped hills was indistinct.

As northern parts of India reel under sub-zero temperatures, places such as Kashmir have turned picturesque with blankets of snow covering the areas. A locomotive moving through the regions renders a mesmerising effect.

Breathtaking visuals from Srinagar, especially during winter, prompt one to compare it to scenic Switzerland. Last year, a mesmerising video enchanted netizens, even leaving South African professional cricket commentator Jonty Rhodes longing to embark on a journey on the train. Union Minister Piyush Goyal had mentioned about the apple orchards besides the Banihal railway station.



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